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Commercial Roofing Inspections

In Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland, government and other buildings are often subject to routine roof inspections. That’s because existing and potential problems can balloon into bigger ones, costing taxpayers and insurance companies more money than if those issues would have been detected early.

Even if you’re not required to order an inspection, doing so will give you the peace of mind you need, knowing your building is protected. An inspection in the fall can pinpoint any problem areas that could be worsened by winter weather. An inspection in the spring can make sure that freezing/thawing, high winds and heavy snows haven’t caused harm to your roof that could lead to rain damage in the summer.

Roofing inspections are crucial for roofs on historical buildings, commercial steep-slope roofs and low-slope roofs, to protect building structures and contents from catastrophic damage.

How a Commercial Roof Inspection Saves Time, Property and Money

There are a number of ways that roof inspections—even if they’re not required by contract—can save your building, its contents and your budget.

Structural Damage

When a problem is detected during an inspection, it’s always a better scenario than if you’d waited until water comes pouring into the building. In some cases, no damage has occurred, but it’s only a matter of time until water begins to slowly seep into your building’s structure to cause big-ticket damage.

Roof Life

Who doesn’t want maximum life from their roof? Whether it’s been recently installed or you’re unsure of its age, ordering a commercial roof inspection will help to ensure that you get the most from your roof. Even a small infiltration of water can cause damage that can shave years off your roof’s lifespan.


When water is penetrating your building’s roof, its structural materials will remain wet for long periods of time, without your knowledge. This leads to the growth of things like mildew and toxic mold. You can keep your structure dry—and safe for its employees, visitors or inhabitants—with regular inspections that help preserve everyone’s health and safety.


Even if your building isn’t subject to inspections by its manager or insurance company, you can order regular inspections and maintain documentation for future claims. This increases chances that your insurance company will cover damages. If insurance determines that a leak has gone undetected (or ignored) for a period of time, your claim could be denied.

Order a Commercial Roof Inspection Today

There are a number of methods the commercial roofing specialists at Detwiler Roofing use to detect current and future problems with your building’s roof. Few (or none) of these problems are detectable to the naked eye.

We will inspect cornices, eaves, flashing, projections, fascia, gutters, leaders, roofing surfaces, masonry, exterior finishes, siding and so much more. We’ll also examine the building for things like galvanic action, water stains and mold.

Lessen the chances of damage to your building and look after your finances with a commercial roofing inspection today!

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