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hurricane roof damage

Storm Damaged Roof? Consult witha Specialist

Metal structure destroyed after a storm

Few things are more disturbing than surveying damage following a weather event. We sincerely hope that everyone in and around your building is safe and sound, and when they are, it’s time to call Detwiler Roofing.

What’s Next?

When a commercial roofing specialist is dispatched to your location, you can expect fast arrival, an efficient inspection…and answers about when and how your roof can be restored. For general contractors gauging damage to a building, know that we’re here to work alongside your crew(s) to restore commercial roofs quickly and with the highest-quality workmanship.


If you can see storm damage to your roof, our experts will survey that damage to determine the extent of it, plus tell you if it’s safe to re-enter the building. If a weather event has caused you to wonder if damage has been done, we’ll inspect your roof and tell you if repairs are needed.


Commercial roofs protect countless assets, including your employees, students, visitors or residents. That’s why it’s vital that storm damage be covered immediately and thoroughly, so water cannot penetrate your building’s structure and cause further harm.


After we secure, inspect and seal your roof to avoid further damage, the commercial roofing experts at Detwiler Roofing will prepare a quote for storm restoration, to rebuild your roof to like-new condition—including cosmetic considerations for historical buildings.


In some situations, the condition of your roof will require complete or partial replacement. This will be an interactive process, where we show you exactly why replacement is the only option, followed by discussion about the roofing materials that will best suit your future needs.


In the case of roof repair, replacement or restoration following storm damage, Detwiler Roofing will work with you to prepare a quote that you can submit to your insurance company. We will act as your partner along the way, helping you to navigate this complicated process.


After storm restoration of your commercial roofing, we can manage the maintenance of your new, repaired or restored roof—to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. This will not only help to reduce leaks, it will eliminate tree branches and debris that could contribute to future damage.

Commercial Storm Restoration for All Kinds of Damage

Storm damage to roofs comes in many forms, including hail, snow, wind, fallen trees/branches and more. A well-maintained roof that’s been inspected by a commercial roofing expert is more likely to withstand damage from weather events; however, there’s no harnessing the power of Mother Nature.

Things happen without notice, and often at the worst possible times. We understand this, know the frustration that can come with storm damage…and that’s why we’re ready and waiting to help you get up-and-running again, as quickly as possible.

Contact us before, during or after a weather event to ensure that your building’s roof is secure.

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