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Our Commercial Safety Record Allows our Quality to Shine Through

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OSHA has a long list of safety regulations in place for commercial roofers, and we ensure that every one of them is followed—on every site, for every job, and for every customer.

Safety on commercial roofing jobsites matters for a number of reasons. We want to:

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How Our Commercial Roofers Remain OSHA-Compliant

OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) puts forth an ever-changing list of regulations that commercial roofers must follow. OSHA inspectors will conduct random assessments of jobsites—and will issue fines and shut down operations if they find violations.

We want to make sure that doesn’t happen, and so we remain OSHA-compliant in all the following categories:

  • secure walking surfaces
  • roof opening/hole safeguards
  • fall protection (fall-arrest systems, guardrails, toe boards, safety nets, etc.)
  • impalement hazard removal
  • weather conditions consideration
  • work materials’ proper placement
  • employee safety training

When you contract with our commercial roofing company, you can feel certain that you’ve chosen a family business that protects its employees and everyone else around our operations. This is our promise to you.

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A Long List of Certifications for This Commercial Roofing Company

When we say that our roofers are “safety-certified,” that’s no exaggeration. Each one of our roofing professionals has not only been trained and certified in the proper installation of our vendors’ materials, they are certified in manlift/forklift signaling, defensive/distracted driving, lead, anti-terrorism, scaffolding, asbestos, CPR, and so much more.

We are committed, long-term, to the safety of our employees and our customers. That’s why we conduct monthly Toolbox Talks, to ensure that all of our personnel are up-to-date in all relevant safety matters.

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