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Commercial Roofing Maintenance, for Longevityand Savings

Ponding rainwater on flat roof after rain, roof drainage and leak problem

When a building’s roof receives regular maintenance, the life of the roof is extended, the building’s structure is preserved, fewer problems will be discovered during roof inspections and you’re less likely to be surprised by unexpected leaks.

The Many Benefits of Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance isn’t something many of us think about (unless it’s required by a managing entity or insurance company). That’s why it makes perfect sense for Detwiler Roofing to handle the maintenance of your building’s roof. You won’t have to think about scheduling—or more importantly, about unexpected leaks.

Decrease Liability

When you ensure the integrity of your roof with regular maintenance, you eliminate the need to worry about unsafe conditions like mold, mildew and structural instability.

Be Compliant

Tax breaks and insurance discounts are often offered for the maintenance of commercial roofing. And in most cases, maintenance is required in order to retain coverage and compliance.

Save Money

The price of maintenance is insignificant when compared to the cost of repairing and replacing commercial roofing. It’s always cheaper to prevent problems than to solve them.

Eliminate Worry

Commercial roofing maintenance will not disturb your normal operations, and yet it provides peace of mind in knowing that leaks and property damage won’t cause interruptions either.

Extend Roof Life

When expert roof maintenance is conducted regularly, water doesn’t get under your roof’s surface. This means your building’s commercial roofing materials are more likely to last for their maximum expected lifespan.

The Best Commercial Roof Maintenance

All commercial roofing maintenance is not created equal, so we’re helping you identify the best company to maintain your roof.

Annual Maintenance

At Detwiler Roofing, we recommend that commercial roofs be maintained at least once per year—but more ideally, in both the spring and the fall. In the case of unusual weather conditions, an additional roof inspection is suggested as well.


Every great commercial roof maintenance program includes inspection. This means that the roofing technician will have his or her eyes open for signs of existing and potential damage, as well as conditions that could lead to leaks.

Detecting Heat Loss at the House With Infrared Thermal Camera


Infrared thermal tomography is just one example of technological advancements that can efficiently detect leaks during regular roof maintenance. When a roofing contractor uses the latest tech, you can expect the best service.

Flat roof covering works with roofing felt


An important part of roof maintenance is detecting problems and immediately correcting them. This includes standing water and holes in the roofing structure. If the technician can’t make the repair immediately, it should be scheduled as soon as possible.

Man cleaning the roof in autumn


A conscientious roof maintenance specialist will not only clean up after they’re finished, they will remove trash and other debris from the roof, drains and gutters that could lead to problems. They will also trim any tree branches overhanging the roof.

Eliminate Headaches, Extend the Life of Your Roof, Stay Compliant, and Create Peace of Mind with Commercial Roofing Maintenance!

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