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Full Commercial Roofing Serviceor Steep-Slope Roofs

The roof of your building covers all that’s important to the facility. That includes the structure itself, along with all the property and people inside. The steep-slope roofing contractor you choose will directly affect how long that roof lasts, as well as the ease of the repair, replacement or new construction experience.

There are so many things to consider when hiring a steep-slope roofing contractor, including the quality of materials used, years of expertise, installation methods and more. Our commercial roofing company has it covered, with decades in the industry, awards and certifications, and an unmatched level of craftsmanship.

Support bracket and foot support on shingle roof installation

Are You a General Contractor in Need of Steep-Slope Roofing Service?  

Being a general contractor comes with intense responsibility and concern for every project. Timely completion, safety, high-quality work…the list goes on. We understand that every job is an opportunity to build your reputation, and we see it as part of our mission to help you maintain your good name.

Are You a Building Owner or Manager in Need of Steep-Slope Roofing Service?

As a commercial building manager or owner, you already know how crucial it is that you find the right steep-slope roofing contractor for the repair or replacement of your roof. Not only does that building need to be protected, the security of its contents (people and property) is in your hands.

Steep-Slope Roofs are a Commercial Roofing Specialty

The construction, maintenance, repair and replacement of steep-slope commercial roofing requires specialty skills. Our roofing professionals have the expertise and we’re prepared for all the challenges that come with installing and working on steep-slope roofs.


Some common roofing materials found on steep-slope roofs are…

  • asphalt shingles
  • roll roofing
  • tiles (clay, concrete or synthetic)
  • wood shingles
  • cedar shakes
  • metal
  • slate

Depending on your specific needs, we are equipped to inspect, maintain, repair and restore your steep-slope roof. We work with general contractors for new construction, or can replace your existing roof with a new type of roofing material.

holloway building with a steep sloped roof

No matter what type of roofing materials we recommend for your building, you can rest assured, knowing that we will install them in accordance with the highest industry standards, for optimal performance and longevity.

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OSHA considers a roof to be steep-slope when its pitch is greater than 4/12. That means for every horizontal 12”, the roof rises 4” or more. A pitch of 3/12 or greater might also be considered a steep-slope roof, but we’ll follow OSHA’s guidelines here and everywhere else.

For these roofs, we are required to install toe boards to keep equipment, tools and debris from falling to the ground below. This is in addition to required fall protection systems (harnesses, guardrails, etc.), and is in place to protect not only our employees, but your staff, visitors…anyone passing by the site.

We are OSHA-compliant in every area—all employees are trained and certified in safety requirements, and we aim to maintain our outstanding safety record. We are happy to share our awards and certifications, so you can feel confident having our steep-slope roofing experts working on your building.


Steep-slope roofs have a number of advantages, including a longer life. Water doesn’t pool on the roofing surface, they’re exposed to less direct sunlight and the buildings’ interior temperatures are generally cooler.

There are, however, a number of maintenance challenges involved with steep-slope roofs. Only roofers with steep-slope expertise are equipped to navigate the sharp vertical slopes of these types of roofs. The valleys where slopes meet are areas ripe for puddling and decay. Additionally, that steep pitch means more aggressive water run-off, with gutters collecting more debris.

Regular maintenance and inspections are necessary for maximizing the lifespans of steep-slope roofs.

The Future of Your Steep-Slope Roof Depends on the Contractor You Choose

Climbing and navigating a steep-slope roof is a skill in itself. Unique roof installation and maintenance issues make it even more of a specialty.

Is your commercial roofing contractor equipped to handle the challenges of steep-slope roofs? Are they licensed, insured and certified? We’d be more than happy to talk about the condition of your commercial steep-slope roof, conduct maintenance and inspection, draw up a quote for storm restoration or any number of other services.

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